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shit talk

ok i finally decided to talk about this. ok my friend lately has been different. normally we always get along but lately she jokes a lot about me. now jokes can be funny but not when there putting someone down because of who they are. I don't know it just frustrates me. its like she feels she can say things like that around me now. she makes me feel self-conscious and I hate feeling like that. We always seem to fight over dumb topics. if she believes one way then that's that. I can't even get to tell my side of what I think, she just thinks that she is right. yeah of course there are times when she is right but I'm not always wrong.
When she gets in bad moods she be all bitchy around me and I hate that. I don't want to hang out with her to hear shit.
also one of the things I hate most about people who are your friends is to make someone laugh they make fun of you. that's lame. I hate it so much cause I use to do it and I knew how dumb I looked. now lately I will do it. well right now I just need to get that out. that one of the main reasons why my week sucks, but it has been going on for a while. I guess if your with someone a lot you can get annoyed easily, but the thing is I do have like every class with her.
well sorry for that I just needed to get it out.
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