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I'm bad!!!

I dyed my hair red today! its really red this time. I mean cause I have dyed it red millions of times and its never this red. the bottle it came in looked like McDonld red, but its not that red on me. Sooooo any watch the Michael Jackson concert last night?? hahaha yeah right. My mommy was watching it.when I went past the room when she was watching it I saw all these kids screaming for Michael in the concert. i mean please! he was and definitely now is not one bit cute. I mean come on he is rotting away like the dead and sometimes he just hits those high notes a little to high like a women. no but he has some good music back in the past, but lets keep it back there. geezz I don't know why I started a topic on Michael Jackson. that's why I don't have much journal entries.

I bet his favorite movie is face off!!
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