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First Journal.....I'm Scared!

I'm only writing cause my brother is trying to show me how to use live journal. ok now I can really type! well ok lets see what happened today. well I went to church like I always do every Sunday. Do I enjoy it? no I think its really lame cause I would rather sleep in since I have to get up everyday anyways for school, but what the hey I love God. Any who today I'm going to go to the movies to see "Hearts of Atlantis" it looks good, even though it has Anthony Hopkins who likes to eat brains. yuck Hannibal was gross and dumb. I go to the movies every Sunday too. Well I try to these days cause I'm normally out with my best friend Mina.

Minas my bestest friend in the whole wide world. We hang out like everyday. I even switched my class at school so I can have every class with her. I only class I don't have with her is choir. Dam I love the class. no see me and Mina think the same.... .its cool. I hope everyone has a friend like her. The thing is I don't really hang out with anyone else cause I'm always out with Mina. no that's not really true I just find to many people who wanna walk over me and that's where I just have to draw the line. JUST SAY NO!

Anyways my missions in live right now is to work out....which is really hard for me since I'm the least athletic person in world. also I need to find a man. Not just a guy for 2 weeks. I boyfriend. Where are you??? You always need love, I say. one day I'll be married. hopefully not when I'm 75 and in my death bed, but then again whos gonna hook up with me while I'm dying.

Ok bye journal.
p.s. some one comment me...please!
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